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Lavender Field in Northern California

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

It's already time for a new season. Summer is already here and it comes full of new hopes. What an end of a season! With COVID and everything in between, I (and probably most of you) spent a lot of time outdoors. It was such a great opportunity to visit and learn about new places.

Now things are going back to normal, at least in California and I couldn't be any more excited to start sharing my art and places I explore with you. 2020 was tough and almost made 2021 a tough year too, but the least I could do was take advantage of every single opportunity that came my way.

Oh, and I almost forgot. It was during the pandemic that I found my best self… yeah, Carol Delagnelo, the photographer. I always knew that photography was my passion, but never actually thought I was going to change people's lives by doing that. Well, here I am dedicating my time to share my passion with you.

Speaking of photography, I've been photographing beautiful places around the US that I share in my Trips & Tips Instagram account. And guess what! I am going to share them here in more detail, in case you want to visit them.

Spring is beautiful everywhere I guess… and the Bay Area has incredible places to visit, especially around this time. I am so excited to share them with you.

Spring is also the lavender season! I want to tell you about this amazing lavender field I took my clients to photograph and a couple of things you should know if you are considering going.


First of all, when is exactly the right time to visit a lavender field in California?

Well, the lavenders start booming late spring to early summer which means that the best time for you to visit and get the most out of it is Mid-June to Mid-July. I personally recommend for you go in the last week of June or the first week of July, which is the peak of the session.

Where are the fields located?

Seriously, they are all over California. If you are in Northern California, you will find a bunch of them around the Dixon area. But there is this one I highly recommend. It's a farm called Capay Valley and the farmer Sherri is such a sweetheart. The place is so beautiful and my clients loved it as well.

The farm is located at 20472 Road 79 Capay, CA and it costs $100 per hour session. Great deal!

The drive up there is beautiful and you will see that there are a lot of landscapes to see and photograph.

If you're there, what should you do after visiting the farm?

Capay Valley is a mostly rural valley northwest of Sacramento in Yolo County, California, United States

If you are doing a day trip for an hour session, you might as well make the drive worth it.

Capay Valley is actually between many fun places like:

Sacramento – 45 minutes

Davis & Winters – 20-40 minutes

Napa – 1 hour

San Francisco – 1.5 hours

But, there is a must-do activity for you to do around the area as well.

You can go Wine & Olive Tasting at Séka Hills Olive Mill and Tasting Room

Address: 19326 Rd 78, Brooks, CA 95606

Tasting Room Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 11 AM5:00 PM

Well, I hope you enjoy the tips and the photos I took. You are welcome to take a look at my portfolio and check out my work. I'm happy to connect and schedule your photo session for the next time!

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