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Lights & Shadows

Lights & Shadows is one of my favorite projects of all time. I created this project as an experiment with a free creative concept. I've always been very creative and being out of the ordinary is my last name.

I love playful, yet dramatic photos. With lights and shadows, you can create that and have amazing final results. Check more photos here.

If you could only see the behind the scene of this project... It was a home studio setup that I put together with the help of a friend. It was at the very beginning of my career. I didn't have much material or even lights, but the creativity was always there. Look at the final results of this image:

I got quite a few colorful materials and elements, and I used them to create more playful images such as a mirror, light signs, plant leaves, string lights, light curtains, flowers, blankets, and believe it or not, a backdrop made with bedsheets.

It might sound weird if you don't have the visual, but let me show you how it turned out:

Mixing the colors was fun and got me even more excited to explore more extraordinary types of photographs. I keep looking every day for new ideas and projects to play around with.

Today, with more knowledge and materials I create images that amaze my clients and that have brought me great opportunities. Being a photographer and empowering people through their image is my motto. If you want to be part of my creative lab and book your session, contact me.

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