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My name is Caroline Delagnelo, but everyone calls me Carol. I was born and raised in Florianopolis - Santa Catarina, Brazil. I used to be a very creative child that always liked to take pictures and make everyone laugh. I grew up full of dreams and sure that I wanted to work with something related to art. As I wasn’t sure what path I wanted to follow, I decided to start Business School at the age of 19 years old, so this way I would use the knowledge to at least manage my own life and career. Going to school gave me great opportunities and one of them was traveling to Lisbon, Portugal for an exchange program with two of my best friends. When I got there, I purchased my very first camera. It was a semi-professional one that I carried with me everywhere around Europe and started taking amazing photos.

When I turned 24, I took another big step and came to California for another cultural exchange program. I took this opportunity to not only improve my English, but also to take photography and entrepreneurship classes. During this time, I fell in love with San Francisco and made really good friends here. The desire of being a photographer just kept growing inside me, and my friends and family encouraged me to start following my dreams and get my photography business started. My philosophy as a photographer is to create conceptual photoshoots for families, individuals, and companies, always with creativity and positive attitude. I’m happy to share my work with you and hope I can bring you some inspiration. 

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